Proje Açıklaması

Gas insulated RMUs (ring Main Units) are serving the compact solution for Medium Voltage distribution systems with rated voltage from 1 kV to 40.5 kV.

RMUs are provoding the compact and modular solutions due to their small sizes that switching by vacuum type Circuit Breakers in the SF6 gas insulated compartment. Switchgear is contains all switching equipments and live parts sealed with its stainless steel tank.

The structure is designed to stand electro-dynamic stress while it is working.

Switchgears are approved by the Italian CESI laboratory for conformity of AFLR Access of the IEC 62271-200 standards.

General Production Range and Specifications

  • Rated Voltage : 7.2…40.5 kV
  • Power Frequency withstand Voltage : 10…85 kV
  • Lightining Impulse withstand Voltage : 70…185 kV
  • Rated Frequency : 50/60 Hz
  • Rated Current : 200…1250 A
  • Short Time withstand Current : 16/20/21/25 kA
  • Internal Arc withstand Current : 16 kA/ 1 sec,21 kA / 3 sec
Gas Insulated Switchgear (RMU)