Proje Açıklaması

Wise Energy designs the best proper Mobile Substation by analyzing customer requirements, site and transportation conditions.

Wise Mobile Substations are used or military camps, industrial facilities, distribution networks, emergency power demands and additional power requests.

Mobile Substation General Specifications:

HV switching equipments can be gas ora ir insulated

Trailer / Platform / Wagon / Vessel type applications

Up to IP 56 Protection Class

Entire substation can be deliver being ready to use in a SCADA system

Shorter manufacturing time compare to fixed type.

Ideal solution for emergency power demand, temporary services and new services

Production is made according to IEC 62271-202, 200, standards, different standards can also be applied on demand.

Substation Types

  • MV Mobil Substaion
  • LV Mobil Station

Mobil Substation