Proje Açıklaması

These functions allow customers to produce all medium Voltage substation requirements up to 36 kV. The result of in-depth analysis of requirements, both now and in the future, LBS means possess of all the necessary features by taking advantages of both a modern and proven technologies. It has the advantages such as compactness, upgradeability, remote control option, easy installation and maintenance, strong arc-extinction capability, high gap insulating level and high reliability.

It has following advantages :

  • Life time sealed Gas compartment
  • Magnetic blow type arc eliminator
  • Three positions in one device
  • Available in two types for usage with
  • 2 windows for visual position inspection
  • Position indicator
  • Shunt rely (optional)
  • Auxiliary contacts (opt)
  • Easy to install
  • Motor operating device (optional)
SF Gas Load Break Switch